The Institute has setup its own ‘Theatre Repertory’, which regularly produces and presents theatrical productions round the year. Three to Four new productions are added annually to the list of Repertory’s Productions. The Theatre Repertory is exclusively for passed out actors of Kreating Charakters, the purpose it to further help them enhance their craft. The entire expenses to run the “Theatre Repertory” is borne by the institute, thus it’s FREE for all passed out Students. The Repertory engages different directors, finalize script, select actors on basis of workshops and auditions as per their suitability for the characters. The in house mini auditorium of the institute is allocated to the Theatre Repertory’ for rehearsals and staging of various productions. Kreating Characters is the only acting school which has a full-fledged, active ‘Theatre Repertory’


Some of the actors trained at Kreating Chrakters got an opportunity to perform in Films, Tv Serials and Advertisement Commercials

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