Approach To Acting

Our training deals in enriching two complimentary aspects required to develop an actor . One is introducing the actor to various techniques and skills and the second is enriching his /her sensitivity through various exercises and processes which enhances his/ her imagination, creates awareness, makes him/her resourceful and emotionally rich.

With his/her intelligence and right grooming, the actor finds the right combination of the two complimentary aspects(i.e.technique and sensitivity) that suits him/her and hence discovers his/her own craft or his/her method of acting .

In the view of this approach wherein a high level of interaction is a must between actor and the trainer, we at ‘Kreating charakters’ have strictly limited the strength to twenty actors in a batch.

Kreating characters has designed the entire training keeping technical execution in mind so that our actors are absolutely camera friendly after the training.

Another important quality, which we intend to inculcate in our actors is enriching sub-conscious, raising their self-esteem, strengthening their self-belief and instilling in them the attitude that they are .....




Some of the actors trained at Kreating Chrakters got an opportunity to perform in Films, Tv Serials and Advertisement Commercials

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