"An Actor first needs to kreate the charakter, he/she has to portray …
and that requires training in discipline, knowledge, craft and awareness." .. .....

Modern in Approach

KreatingCharakters Acting Institute is modern in approach and up-to-date in techniques

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are actively engaged as actors in entertainment industry.

Customized Grooming

Training programmes for actors, anchors & hosts for Film production houses / TV networks

Top Acting Institute in Mumbai

Kreating charakters, the best acting institute , established in 2005, is proud to be the leader in grooming actors with it’s highly professional and state of art approach towards training procedures and with a vision of serving the demand of increasingly dynamic entertainment industry. At our acting institute we have trainers with years of working experience in different modules and courses. Our experienced trainers are actively engaged as actors in entertainment industry. This has helped us in designing an appropriate acting course which would cater to the needs of the entertainment industry today

Batch Announcement

BATCH NO 162 @ Acting Institute Kreating Charakters starts

Actors on Acting

"..Delivers Dialogues as if you have written them!!.."

Get inspired by reading detailed comments, inputs and tips from actors on acting!!

Understanding Stanislavski

An outstanding character actor of his generation. His principal fame and influence, rests on his 'system' of actor training, preparation, and rehearsal technique.

Actors from our Institute

Some of the actors trained at Kreating Chrakters got an opportunity to perform in Films, Tv Serials and Advertisement Commercials

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