Kreating Charakters, established in 2005, by Samar Jai Singh and Roopesh Thapliyal, is among the best-known acting institutes in India. It has been continuously grooming and nurturing India’s best and brightest actors for films, television and web content. As part of our organic growth, we are now starting a course in Film Making called ‘The Art of Cinema Course’. This extraordinary course is designed by renowned filmmaker and film educator Sankalp Meshram.


He is an eminent Writer, Editor and Director of Films. A graduate in film editing from FTII, Pune, he is the winner of Five National Awards (Four for Direction and one for Editing). Apart from being a prolific filmmaker and an editor he is also India’s best-known film educator. Some of his major academic engagements are
  • Regular Scheduled Workshops at FTII (Pune), SRFTI (Kolkata)
  • Workshops at IIT (Kanpur), IIT (Roorkee), IIM (Ahmedabad), NID (Ahmedabad), CMAD (Westminster, London)
  • Member of Academic Council FTII (Pune), SRFTI (Kolkata)
  • Currently Visiting Faculty at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Currently Chairman of Syllabus Committee FTII (Pune)

Salient Features of the Course

Today’s Film Director is a technician as well as an artist. Apart from conceiving and crafting your story, nowadays, it’s all about knowing hi-end digital cameras, editing softwares and complicated postproduction work flows. This specially designed course gives you detailed technical knowledge of all the necessary workflows of filmmaking as well as developing your own aesthetics. It literally teaches everything you need to know from script to screen. This is an all-in-one course where you will learn Film Production, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Recording, Audio Post, VFX and DI.

Syllabus Summary

  1. Introduction to Cinema
  2. Understanding Space and Time
  3. Screenplay Writing (Practical Modules)
  4. Development of Plots
  5. Development of Characters
  6. Narrative Structures
  7. Understanding Conflict and Dramatic Tension
  8. Visual Literacy
  9. Elements of Visual Design and Composition
  10. Cinematography (Practical Modules)
  11. Lensing and Lighting (Practical Modules)
  12. Shot Division (Practical Modules)
  13. Mise – en-Scene
  14. Shooting Protocols and Methods
  15. Call Sheets and Continuity Sheets
  16. Film Crew Management.
  17. Film Acting and Actor Handling (Practical Modules)
  18. Acting Workshops (Practical Modules)
  19. Film Editing - FCP Software
  20. Grammar of Continuity Editing (Practical Modules)
  21. Montage
  22. Offline Editing Work Flows
  23. Location Sound Recording
  24. Creating Sound Design
  25. CG, VFX and DI
  26. Financing, Budgeting Planning and Scheduling
  27. Understanding Film Trade
  28. Marketing and Distribution
  29. Making of individual 10 – shot Continuity Film
  30. Making of individual 20 – Shot Continuity Film

Some of the actors trained at Kreating Chrakters got an opportunity to perform in Films, Tv Serials and Advertisement Commercials

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